About Winfield

My name is Winfield S. Frazeur IV. I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of The International Guppy Foundation. I am almost eighty years old and have had guppies many times since I started in tropical fish in 1952. I have also had and bred many types of Cichlids(one time have over 100-aquariums in my hatchery), some Danios, other live bearers, barbs, and some Characins. However, now I have returned from where I started…to Guppies.


I am a retired U. S. Navy Chief Photographer Aircrewman retiring in 1982 after 21-years of European, Asian and domestic duties. I had five years as a free-lance photographer prior to entering the U. S. Navy in 1960 and had over thirty-years in photography after my U. S. Navy service and prior to retiring from a long career as a free-Lance and commercial photographer in 2015. That’s over sixty-years in photography behind the camera and as a photographic technologist. I intend using my U. S. Navy photographic experience and my present high resolution cameras to do Guppy photography and Guppy Breed Standards. During my tours of duty overseas I visited many pet shops and Tropical Fish Stores and saw many different fish types including many beautiful and exotic Guppy varieties. I also participated in capture of Betta's in Thailand which was the best experience a tropical fish hobbyist and breeder could ever experience.

I also had 20-years with the U. S. Geological Survey, which is part of the U. S. Department of the Interior as a Satellite Photographic Technologist in charge of the Satellite Imaging Quality Assurance Section of the U. S. Geological Survey’s EROS Data Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota where we converted satellite digital data to film and them to photographic paper.

I was also the Regional Administrative Officer for the Office of Earthquake Studies also part of the U. S. Geological Survey. I was sent to Mount Saint Helens Observatory in 1980 (the day after Mt. St. Helens erupted) to assist in setting up an Administrative support group for the over 100 foreign and domestic scientists that came to observe and do scientific studies on the mountain.

I have been a member and or officer of over fifteen professional and hobbyist type organizations. I have started three clubs from scratch writing mission statements, budgets, constitutions and bi-laws. This is my first effort in starting a fish club and at an international level.



Our Status

The Internal Revenue Service states that we are a “For Profit Company”. We state that we are a “Not For Profit Company” because we return all our net profits after paying all our bills back to the company. I do not and never will take a payment for compensation for what I do for this “Foundation”. It is an act of love. It is that time in my life that I give back for all that the tropical fish hobby has done for me for over sixty-years.

Our Mission

The primary mission of The International Guppy Foundation, (IGF) LLC is to promote the tropical fish hobby in general and in particular the Guppy part of that hobby. We are going to accomplish that and our other goals by researching, formulating and disseminating information on the Guppy type fish, primarily the Poecilia reticulatta (common Guppy),Poecilia reticulata (Common Guppy)

Poecilia wingei (Endler’s livebearer )and Micropoecia Pict in the form of researching, writing and publishing a hard-cover book titled “The Complete Color Encyclopedia of Guppies”, More than a 150-years of enjoyment, relaxation, and colors evolution for people.

Micropoecia Pict

Let me summarize our mission: We are going to promote the Tropical Fish hobby in general and the Guppy hobby in particular.


1) We are going to do this by Researching, Writing and Publishing a book on Guppies.

2) Developing and Implementing a combination of online auction and retail store capability for Tropical Fish Stores, Pet Stores, fish Breeders, Pet Equipment Manufacturers, Equipment Retailers, and other Sellers to establish a Brand on our website by which they can sell their products.

3) By seeing problems in the hobby and developing and presenting fixes to the hobby by which the hobby might be expanded.

4) We are going to start programs to help Guppy Clubs by using our website as an interface creating communication pathways between clubs' target markets and the clubs themselves at no cost to the clubs. Justification is that most clubs cannot afford websites needed to promote their clubs. We at IGF intend to provide that service to those clubs. Our first two efforts are to create: 1) a Membership Form capability which, with all money, is sent from IGF to the originating club and 2) a "Contact Us" program by which potential members and clubs communicate better and quicker.

5) Identify problems in the Guppy Breed Standards and recommend fixes to those problems and

6) Finally, we are dedicated to the FREE dissemination of Guppy information without obligation of any kind whenever possible.

Poecilia wingei (Endler’s livebearer Guppy)

We are also going to accomplish our goals by establishing an online product sales program by which sellers of tropical fish items can increase their brand identification and sales relating to tropical fish in general and Guppies in particular. We will also accomplish our goals by seeing a problem in the hobby and developing corrections to mitigate if not eliminate those problems. Our “Club Assistance” program is an example of this where we, on our website or through our website, assist Guppy clubs with their membership efforts by establishing a membership form on our website which is sent directly to the club’s website with all funds associated with that membership. We also are assisting clubs by putting on our website a “Contact Us” capability for Guppy Clubs so people have a methodology for contacting these club without club members using their personal email addresses. We also intend to look at Guppy breed standards and assist in identifying problems and recommending corrections to those problems.

About The Foundation

This organization if founded on the premise that the fish come first. Not individuals. Not political opinions. Not ethnic groups. And certainly not groups of breeders that will not communicate with others.

Our primary mission is to expand the tropical fish hobby by teaching individuals how to keep and breed the Guppy fish in the Genus Poecilia and in particular the species.

We will focus primarily on the Common Guppy, Poecila reticulata genus and its over 200 domestically bred beautiful sub-varieties but will detour from our main mission periodically and delve into other areas of the aquarium hobby when we feel it adds to our mission.

Our club will hold monthly meetings with guest speakers teaching our members of breeding this Genetics, care, diseases, breeding, and feeding. In addition, we will develop a travel educational curriculum on the Countries where these fish originate. We will develop relationships with educational facilities in these Countries as well to learn from those who study first hand Guppy characteristics and capture from the wild. There are three terms we will use: 1) Wild Guppies; 2) Wild Caught Guppies; 3) Wild Type Guppies; and 4) Domestic Guppies.


Poecilia reticulata (Common Guppy)

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