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Whether you are a beginning Guppy Hobbyist or are a Master Guppy Breeder, we welcome you to join the elite of Guppy Hobbyists who are already members of the International Guppy Foundation.

IGF member benefits include:

  • subscription to "The Guppy Journal", a bimonthly newsletter.
  • Access to an online members only area and educational. Information by which you will learn basic and advanced. Techniques in the care, breeding and showing of fancy Guppies.
  • Access to our Advertising Programs by which you can purchase Most all tropical fish hobbyist equipment, fish and supplies.
  • Discounts on the purchase of many items from our Sponsors.
  • The ability to show your Guppies and be judge by the most qualified judges in the world.
  • Be a proud member of one of the largest tropical fish hobbyist Association's in the world. New members pay a $50.00 one-time charge for the "New Member Kit"

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  • Our membership year runs from January 1 through December 31. Applicants For membership will have their first year's dues prorated based on the quarter In which their application is received. Regular Membership


  • U. S., Canada, & all foreign Regular Members pay $35.00 annually;
  • Junior Members pay $20.00 annually;
  • Widow or Widower Member

Military Memberships:

    • Veteran $30.00 annually
    • Medal of Honor Recipient $0.00 for first ten (10) years after which member pays $20.00 annually
    • years after which $20.00/yr. for Member & Family.
  • Bronze Star Recipient or Equivalent: $20.00 annually
  • Silver Star Recipient or Equivalent: $25.00 annually
  • Wounded Warrior Membership $25.00annually

Life Memberships:

  • $1,500.00 (for as long as club in existence or life of member passes which evercomes first.)

Donor Membership:

  • 1-year FREE (with donation over $5,000.00)

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