Our Mission

The primary mission of The International Guppy Foundation, (IGF) LLC is to promote the tropical fish hobby in general and in particular the Guppy part of that hobby. We are going to accomplish that and our other goals by researching, formulating and disseminating information on the Guppy type fish, primarily the Poecilia reticulatta (common Guppy),Poecilia reticulata (Common Guppy)

Poecilia wingei (Endler’s livebearer )and Micropoecia Pict in the form of researching, writing and publishing a hard-cover book titled “The Complete Color Encyclopedia of Guppies”, More than a 150-years of enjoyment, relaxation, and colors evolution for people.

Micropoecia Pict

Let me summarize our mission: We are going to promote the Tropical Fish hobby in general and the Guppy hobby in particular.


1) We are going to do this by Researching, Writing and Publishing a book on Guppies.

2) Developing and Implementing a combination of online auction and retail store capability for Tropical Fish Stores, Pet Stores, fish Breeders, Pet Equipment Manufacturers, Equipment Retailers, and other Sellers to establish a Brand on our website by which they can sell their products.

3) By seeing problems in the hobby and developing and presenting fixes to the hobby by which the hobby might be expanded.

4) We are going to start programs to help Guppy Clubs by using our website as an interface creating communication pathways between clubs' target markets and the clubs themselves at no cost to the clubs. Justification is that most clubs cannot afford websites needed to promote their clubs. We at IGF intend to provide that service to those clubs. Our first two efforts are to create: 1) a Membership Form capability which, with all money, is sent from IGF to the originating club and 2) a "Contact Us" program by which potential members and clubs communicate better and quicker.

5) Identify problems in the Guppy Breed Standards and recommend fixes to those problems and

6) Finally, we are dedicated to the FREE dissemination of Guppy information without obligation of any kind whenever possible.

Poecilia wingei (Endler’s livebearer Guppy)

We are also going to accomplish our goals by establishing an online product sales program by which sellers of tropical fish items can increase their brand identification and sales relating to tropical fish in general and Guppies in particular. We will also accomplish our goals by seeing a problem in the hobby and developing corrections to mitigate if not eliminate those problems. Our “Club Assistance” program is an example of this where we, on our website or through our website, assist Guppy clubs with their membership efforts by establishing a membership form on our website which is sent directly to the club’s website with all funds associated with that membership. We also are assisting clubs by putting on our website a “Contact Us” capability for Guppy Clubs so people have a methodology for contacting these club without club members using their personal email addresses. We also intend to look at Guppy breed standards and assist in identifying problems and recommending corrections to those problems.

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